10 Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen

Kitchen renovations are one of the most popular projects for homeowners. This isn’t surprising given how popular trends in styles change over time, and the rise of kitchens being used as a place to socialise. Whether you’re trying to sell your home and want to get a good return on investment or you just want to live in style, modernising your kitchen is a fantastic place to start. You don’t have to replace the entire kitchen to make an impact; you just need to know the key areas and come up with a budget. For example, by running a layer of paint over the cabinets, you will shift the entire aesthetic of the kitchen. To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together a list of 10 different kitchen areas to get your project started. 

Lighting Options

Light is essential for your kitchen upgrade because, without it, you’ll likely end up causing an accident. Older kitchens were built with a single overhead light which doesn’t exactly conform to current trends. With the rise in popularity of smart devices, why not invest in smart lights that you can set accordingly? Having the option to dim and change the light colour will allow you to set the mood no matter what the occasion – just don’t forget the health and safety behind a good kitchen light.

Once you’ve got your light fixtures sorted you can consider natural light sources. If you have a window in your kitchen that catches the sun, you should invest in blinds to let you take control. If you choose to install them and struggle when it comes to how to measure blinds, all you have to do is take a look at this guide to measuring blinds from Make My Blinds. They will take care of everything and offer blind solutions for any type of room. Their ordering system is as simple as choosing your blind, getting speedy delivery, and installing them.

Expand Upwards

Many dated kitchens were designed with over-cabinetry wall to wall, which can fill the room and make it feel smaller than it is. For an easy kitchen upgrade, you should consider ripping out your upper cabinetry. When expanding your kitchen outwards isn’t an option, expanding upwards is a fantastic way to open your kitchen. With the new wall space, you can add some decorations and open shelves for storage. 

Tear Down the Walls

Whilst we’re on the topic of expanding the kitchen, you can easily knock down parts of the wall that aren’t vital for structural integrity. This works extremely well when you’re upgrading a lot of outdated kitchens that were made with doorways to the adjacent room. Knocking the doorway through will open up the kitchen and make the adjacent living room or dining room, so it’s a win-win. Before you start taking a sledgehammer to your wall and bringing the house down on your head, you should consult a structural engineer for advice. Further, because this is an internal renovation, you won’t need to go through the process of planning permission.

Upgrade Countertops

Countertop renovations are a top choice in terms of return on investment when it comes to selling a house. Old kitchens used cheap tiles and group options that are simply out of fashion in the modern age. Countless different materials can be used for kitchen worktops including materials containing resin and polymer, luxury wood, and natural stone. With so much choice, there is something to suit everyone’s style. If you want to get creative with your countertops, you can always go for something heavy-duty like concrete or brick. 

Paint Cabinetry

Over time, general wear and tear will leave your cabinetry looking tired and sad, so it’s likely time to replace them. If your budget doesn’t allow for new cabinets, painting them can be a fantastic alternative. You can choose any colour that suits your style and get as creative as you want with staining and painting. Although the project will require some good old elbow grease, the end product will be cabinetry that feels as new as the day you bought them. 


When people visit your house and enter your kitchen, they should know that it’s yours. Adding a touch of decoration that shouts out your personality is a great way to upgrade your kitchen. One idea to add life into your kitchen is by filling empty spaces with kitchen plants. Not only will they look great, but they’ll also help with your overall state of mind and help clean the air. You don’t need to sacrifice any storage space; you can add plants to the top of your upper cabinetry to add some style to your kitchen. 

Seating Areas

A lot of people use their kitchens as a social hub these days, which wasn’t the ‘done thing’ back when some kitchens were built. With that in mind, you could try to add a breakfast bar with bar stools, a table and chairs in empty spaces, or just a couple of stools to sit and have a natter. With older kitchens, they weren’t designed for socialising, so you may have to consider an extension if you’ve got the budget and space to do it.  


More and more people are conscious of the environment and strive to be as energy-efficient as they can. An energy-saving home is a big factor when it comes to buyers, so the project should yield a strong return on investment. As well as being important to sellers, if you’re upgrading your appliances for more energy-efficient ones you will save a fortune on your future energy bills. Whilst you’re busy trying to lower your carbon footprint, why not replace some of the plumbing to help reduce your water costs?

Metalwork Upgrade

Some materials that were popular decades ago aren’t as in fashion these days. Nowadays, manufacturers are pushing out contemporary materials all the time. If your kitchen is old and uses dated metal drawer pulls, it might be time for an upgrade. You can still keep the metal aesthetic by using modern metals like aluminium, copper, brushed gold, and stainless steel. You can replace or upgrade the metal in your cabinetry hardware and light fixtures.

Change of Flooring

Despite playing a vital part in your kitchen, the floor is often overlooked when it comes to kitchen updates. Dated rolled vinyl floors can be swapped out for stronger and longer-lasting options. For example, you could install wooden flooring, tiles, and stone because these options will be hard-wearing, timeless, and help boost the overall value of your home. In recent years, materials like engineered hardwood designed to emulate traditional wood have become increasingly popular.

Upgrading an outdated kitchen can add new vibes into your home, increase the value of your property, and help keep your energy bills down. Updating an entire kitchen is an enormous undertaking that will cost a lot of money, so simply choose a few different elements of your kitchen to add to your project. Ensure you stick to your budget and leave room for anything that might go wrong. Having a modern kitchen will use new materials, can provide an area for social gatherings, save the environment, and breathe life into a once tired kitchen. 



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