Winter or Summer: Which Hits Your Finances Hardest?

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Is there a specific time of year that you prefer more than others? If pushed, most of us will admit to having a favourite season. Past research on the subject has revealed that British people have a clear preference too – summer being the distant favourite. It’s also interesting to learn how different age groups can often have different views on what their favourite season is.

The research also revealed that we dislike winter even more as we get older. But why could that be? Is it a question of finance, perhaps? The average UK household spends around £2,500 each month – but that soars higher as we draw nearer to Christmas, according to the Bank of England. And yet, the summer has its spending pitfalls too. So, which does hit your finances hardest?

How can you prepare?

Before thinking about how the different seasons can influence the amount we spend (and on what), the most important thing to remember will apply all year round – budgeting. By knowing what’s on the horizon, managing your financial situation means you’ll be prepared for those extra costs. It also means you’re free to enjoy your favourite season without worrying about money all the time.


One of the big differences between winter and summer is the temperature. It’s no surprise to learn that energy bills are higher during colder months – heating and lighting our homes for longer. It can be worth thinking about building up credit with your supplier during summer to cover the winter costs.


A winter wardrobe can cost three times as much as a summer one. Boots, gloves, scarves and more – shopping around can help save you money when filling your cold weather wardrobe. It might also be an idea to consider pre-loved options and see if there are any voucher codes available.


While the idea of escaping cold winter weather sounds appealing, most trips abroad by UK residents are made during the summer. Official figures show that Brits spent £7bn on visits overseas in August 2019. One way to stop those holiday bills getting out of hand can include travelling at other times of the year, booking well in advance to get a better deal and skipping the expensive hotel breakfast.

Social calls

No matter the time of year, there will always be social occasions that drag on the wallet or purse. In winter, it’s all those Christmas festivities. In summer, meanwhile, it’s those chilled nights in the beer garden. One way to save cash with the Yuletide social events can include sharing transport or playing the host. Your hospitality can also save money in summer – swapping the pub for the backyard BBQ.

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