What Are the Best Ways to Choose Practical Scrubs for Dental Hygienists?

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A dentist must look professional and sharp to instill trust among patients. Dentists showing up in a pair of jeans do not give the best impression of their qualifications and skills. The kind of scrubs that you choose for your dental practice can have a considerable impact on the overall experience of the patient.

One study in dentistry found that cross-contamination is primarily caused by the splatter on the chest and shoulder parts of the scrubs. While dental equipment is cleaned after every use, it is difficult to change your uniform after each patient consultation. So, the right pair of Cherokee scrubs uniforms are vital for a successful dental practice.

Choosing the Right Color

The color of your scrubs is important as it reinforces specific correlations in the patients’ minds. The usual blues and greens signify your expertise, while black may elicit a medical boutique experience.

If your practice is focused on children, then bright colors may be a good idea. The idea is to build a connection with the patient and project a professional image at the same time.

Uniforms That Are Easy to Clean

Dentists work with tools that result in high amounts of splatter on their uniforms. So, the most significant consideration when picking scrubs should be the ease of cleaning them. Unclean scrubs can result in cross-contamination and may impact your dental practice.

Scrubs versus Lab Coat

Lab coats have a very stern appearance and are ok if you are in a board meeting or conference. At your clinic, you want the patients to feel welcome, and scrubs will do the trick. They give a more inviting look and make patients feel comfortable. Cherokee scrubs uniforms are available in multiple colors and prints that suit just about anyone.

Make Sure They Fit

Ill-fitted scrubs give an unprofessional look and may send away patients. A dentist who cannot bother with their appearance is unlikely to care much about their patients. So, make sure that you pick scrubs that fit appropriately.

Change Scrubs Frequently

Due to regular wash, scrubs tend to fade and wear-off. When these signs of aging appear, you need to get rid of the scrubs and buy new ones. A crisp looking uniform portrays an image of professional expertise.

Shoes That Match

You need to pick shoes that match your scrubs and are sensible at the same time. Since most of your time is spent standing, your shoes must be practical. While most medical professionals prefer white sports shoes, you can play with color according to the color of your uniform.

Follow the Industry Practice

A dentist needs to make sure that their appearance is neat and practical. This includes their uniform, hair, nails, face, shoes, and overall appearance. You can’t work with dental tools with long nails. Nor can you have face tattoos that make patients distrustful. So, make sure that you follow the best practices of the dental industry while picking the right pair of scrubs.

While dentistry does not have a set of fixed guidelines when it comes to attire, some basic parameters must be met. Hygiene is the most crucial of these parameters, followed by comfort and appearance. So, the next time you are out to buy scrubs for your dental practice, bear these points in mind and you should be good to go.

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