Is A Loft Conversion Worthwhile?

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Whether it’s an ever-expanding family or simply a craving for extra space, creating an extra bedroom or playroom in the roof space of your house isn’t just convenient, it’s profitable too. Not only will it give you the extra space you need or want but it’ll also add value to your home too.

Loft Conversion Benefits

There are numerous benefits to having a loft conversion, added space and value aside, although these certainly aren’t to be sniffed at. With recent studies showing that loft conversions add on average 20% to your home’s value, it’s no wonder more and more people are opting for this method of increasing the size of a the family home. 

Another added benefit of a loft conversion is the fact that it makes use of what can otherwise become dead space. Instead of having a space that houses junk, you instead gain a room that’s liveable. Whether it’s a bedroom, an office or even a space for you to paint, you can enjoy extra living space without eating into outside space which would typically happen with extensions.

There are also cost implications to take into consideration. Statistics show that on average, a loft conversion costs less per square metre than your average conventional style of extension. This is for the simple fact that the majority of the structure is already in place.

Add to all of this the fact that a loft conversion can even help reduce your energy bills by providing further insulation, making your home more energy efficient and the benefits of a loft conversion can feel endless. That being said, there are of course considerations to make.

Cost, Practicality – Is It Doable?

First thing’s first, you need to consider whether a loft conversion is even feasible physically. While of course, every home has a loft space, not all loft spaces are created equal. While some may offer plenty of room and height, others aren’t so lucky and converting said space into a liveable room may not be possible. If this isn’t an issue for you, it’s on to the next consideration and that’s cost. 

As mentioned above, the cost of a loft conversion is of course considerably less than going the traditional route of a sideways extension however, there are still variations to factor in. You need to consider both the shape and pitch of your roof as well as the age of your house. Think of things such as:

  • Head Room – is there enough head room? If you don’t have enough head room and would need to extend the head room in order to make it a usable room, then this will of course ramp costs up hugely as well as make building work even more in-depth.
  • Space For A New Staircase – regulations state that you must provide a staircase for fire escape and protection. Do you have enough room below to do this?
  • Floor Joists – without strong enough floor joists, you could be required to introduce deeper joists and steelwork in order to support the extra load. This will, you guessed it, require a much bigger financial investment as well as much more in-depth work.

What Type Of Loft Conversion Do You Want?

Once you’ve taken into account all of the above, it’s then down to you to look at what type of loft conversion you want. There’s everything from a roof light conversion that requires just a sky light window, flooring and a staircase all the way through to Mansard conversions that require extending the entire roof space. It all comes down to what you want the space to become and what you have to play with initially, both in terms of space and budget.

Contact Clapham Construction Service

There will always be practical matters to consider from what you can realistically do and what planning permission allows you to do, as well as your own purse strings. If you’d like more advice and guidance, it pays to speak with an expert and there’s no one we’d entrust our loft space with more than Clapham Construction Service. These guys have over 20 years experience specialising in loft conversions as well as extensions. They have the knowledge and experience to guide you every step of the way. For more information, simply contact them today on 020 3950 7957. 

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