Can You Still Have A Loft Conversion With A Small Loft?

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Loft conversions happen to be one of the UK’s most popular methods of home improvement. It makes use of otherwise dead space, increasing your property’s value with something that’s essentially already there. It also happens to be a pretty quick solution when you’re in need of extra space in the home and doesn’t mean having to say goodbye to any of your outside land. As wonderful as they are however, sadly not everyone’s lofts are suitable for a loft conversion. There are many reasons for this, ranging from being too oddly shaped to sadly, too small, and you don’t need a top-notch construction cost estimator to figure it out. So the question is, how small is too small?”

What Do Building Regulations Say?

Building regulations state that a loft needs to be 2.4 meters high in order to qualify for a loft conversion. Simply jump into your loft and measure from the floorboards to the very peak of your loft. Do bear in mind however that having your loft converted will reduce the head height further. Once the loft conversion has been completed, building regulations also state that the head height of your new loft conversion needs to be a minimum of two meters. As long as you can comply with this, you’re good to go.

What About The Trusses?

You’ve measured your loft and you have plenty of head height but you have a huge amount of trusses that criss-cross throughout your attic. Most people would write their loft off as unsuitable still but this isn’t the case at all. Thankfully with the help of a professional company such as Clapham Construction Services, one of the UK’s leading loft conversion specialists, you can have the trusses removed with ease and instead have beams running the length of your roof to take the load. This will open up your loft space massively.

Enjoy Extra Space And Light

Your current loft space isn’t the end result. With the help of dormer windows you can really open up the area more. Dormer windows are great for adding in further headroom where needed as well as adding a little character to the internal and external aesthetics. Dormer windows are ideal for placing window seats or if big enough, the head of your bed. 

Velux skylights are another great addition too as they allow in more natural light. This will make it feel brighter and super airy thanks to their angle allowing the sunshine to flood in. 

Make Plans For Storage

Last but not least, to ensure you have the perfect loft space, we suggest you make sure there are plans for storage from the outset. It’s always a good idea to ensure your loft room is free from clutter as that can make it appear smaller than it is, which is the last thing you want if your loft conversion isn’t going to be the biggest space in the first place. There are multiple ways to incorporate clever storage tricks from dormer window seats to bespoke cupboards within the eaves.

Contact Clapham Construction Services Now

It’s safe to say as long as your loft meets the height requirements, you can without a doubt have a loft conversion. If you’ve measured it and you’re still unsure however, then we suggest you give Clapham Construction Services a call today. With over 20 years experience, these guys have the knowledge and expertise you’ll want on your side. Call today on 0203 950 7957. 

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