4 Ways to Enjoy Your Spring Vacation at Big Bear Lake

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Big Bear Lake is a breathtaking escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown LA. This hidden gem of Southern California is a famous destination during the winter and summer months. But it can also provide a much-needed respite during the beautiful spring months.

This lakefront paradise offers several cabins for rent in Big Bear that can accommodate families and groups looking for some spring fun.  If you are looking for a unique adventure from March to May, Big Bear should be on the top of your list. Here are some ways you can enjoy spring amidst the San Bernardino Mountains.

1. Plan a Leisurely Drive to the Mountains

Spring is usually a slow season, so this means you will have a leisurely road trip up the mountains. Three roads are leading to Big Bear: the CA-330, the CA-38, or the CA-18. No matter which route you choose, there will always be opportunities to stop for a while and take in the fabulous views.

Shoot beautiful photographs of yellow wildflowers that line the roads. A drive up the mountain is such a glorious respite from the city traffic and noise. Do you know what the best thing about the journey is? It is putting your feet up as you arrive on one of the cabins for rent in Big Bear.

2. Appreciate the Beauty of Spring Mornings

Spring is a sign of new beginnings. There is no better place to appreciate hope than in the company of nature. As the weather slowly warms up, the snow melts and flowers bring forth new life. The trees turn green again, and birds excitedly build their nests.

Each morning is a perfect time to sit on the cabin’s deck and enjoy the sound of chirping birds while you sip a cup of joe. It is the best time to drink in the beauty of the majestic mountains and the sparkling Big Bear Lake. 

3. Go on a Nature Hike

The San Bernardino National Forest during springtime is every nature lovers’ dream. Since the trees are still starting to grow their leaves, you will have an unobstructed view of the bright blue lake. The comfortably moderate temperature is perfect for hiking. 

Since spring is commonly an off-peak season, there are only a few hikers, so you can have the peace and solitude that you are looking for. To ensure a safe and uneventful hike, be wary of melted snow that formed muddy trails. Also, keep an eye out for wildlife that is also enjoying their foray outdoors after winter.

Before embarking on your hiking trip, visit the Big Bear Discovery Center First for information about the forest, safety tips, and trail maps.

4. Have Some Water Fun

Springtime in Big Bear means that the lake is finally open to exciting water activities.  You may go fishing aboard a charter boat or hang out in a pontoon with your loved ones.

If kayaking or paddle boarding is your thing, you may head out to the lake first thing in the morning for calmer waters. Big bear has six marinas that have water sports equipment and knowledgeable staff to help you and your group have a safe and fun time.

The end of winter is a chance to renew your spirit and enjoy nature’s bounty. Big Bear Lake is the perfect vacation spot to do just that.

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