3 Things You Can Fix on Your Car Without Paying for a Mechanic

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It is no secret that taking the car to the garage can be incredibly expensive, but often you will find that this is an unnecessary expense, too. There are lots of jobs that you can do on your own car without the need for a mechanic which could help you to save a fortune while also providing great satisfaction knowing that you have done the work yourself.

What You Need

In order to work on your car and carry out basic repairs/maintenance, you will need to make sure that you have a suitable space for working, like a garage or front driveway. You will also need to make sure that you have a full toolkit of high-quality items. This will include items like spanner sets which will come in handy for most car DIY jobs. You can then usually find easy-to-follow guides and videos online for a wide range of jobs. Here are a few jobs that you can easily do yourself to save some money.

1. Replace Air Filter

One of the easiest jobs to do and one which needs doing from time-to-time is replacing the air filter. A garage often charges a lot for both labour and the replacement part but you will find that it is cheap to buy a replacement part and the process simply involves a few screws.

2. Changing Brake Pads

It is understandable if people are hesitant to do anything related to the brakes because they are such a vital feature of the car, but changing the pads is actually incredibly easy and affordable to do yourself. You will need a jack stand to safely lift the car and it then simply involves removing the wheel, removing hardware, taking out the old pads, putting in the new ones, replacing the hardware and then putting the wheel back on.

3. Change the Battery

Changing the battery is perhaps the easiest job but one which most motorists still rely on a mechanic to do. The key to replacing the battery is making sure that you get the order right for removing the cables – this should be negative (black) first when removing the battery and negative last when installing the new battery.

These are just a few jobs that you can easily do on your car but there are many more. You can make huge savings in the long-term by doing your own minor repairs and maintenance, plus you also get satisfaction knowing that you have done the work yourself.

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